Plants and Animals: Terribly Interesting Pit Bull Facts by

Plants and Animals: Terribly Interesting Pit Bull Facts by

Awesome Facts: Terribly Interesting Pit Bull Facts by


1) Petey, the canine companion of The Little Rascals, was a pit, as well as Nipper the RCA dog and Tige, the Buster Brown shoe mascot.

2) The Army used the pit bull on WWI propaganda posters to symbolize the United States because the breed represents loyalty, bravery, and determination.

3) Pit bulls were considered to be so trustworthy with children that they were known as “nursemaids” or “nanny” dogs.

4) Pit bulls were on the cover of Life Magazine three times – more than any other dog.

5) Sallie the pit bull stood guard over wounded soldiers at the battle of Gettysburg. She has her own monument in Pennsylvania.

6) The most decorated dog of WWI was a pit bull named Sgt. Stubby.

7) According to the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls ranked 4th best out of 122 breeds tested.

8) Hulk, the world’s largest-known pit, weighs in at a whopping 174 pounds.

9) The largest recorded drug find in Texas history was by Popsicle, the hero pit that discovered over 3,000 pounds of cocaine.

10) Ken Howard, award-winning actor from Crossing Jordan, was saved by his pit bull Shadow during a medical emergency.

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