Plants and Animals: Sea Monster Battles! Megalodon vs Dunkleosteus – Jurassic World

Plants and Animals: Sea Monster Battles! Megalodon vs Dunkleosteus – Jurassic World

Awesome Facts: Sea Monster Battles! Megalodon vs Dunkleosteus – Jurassic World

Hey there World’s Greatest Animals Subscribers! In this video we are going to continue Shark Week by pitting the two greatest ocean predators of the prehistoric world against each other! Then we will ask you to comment below. (Which would win the battle?)

First is the Dunkleosteus! It was the apex predator of its era, with as skull like a suit of armor!

The competition is the Megalodon, the largest shark ever recorded!

(Comment below, which is the more dominant predator?)

The Dunkleostrus had a biting force of over two metric tons, way more powerful than a T-Rex! It was slow moving, heavy and aggressive. Before biting, it created a vacuum with its mouth, sucking in its victim!

The Medalodon was like a giant, stocky great white shark! Its biting power was estimated at 18 tons, and was 30 times the size of a T-Rex!

Just on sheer size, the Megalodon was the larger animal. The Dunkleosteus was about 35 feet long, while the Megalodon grew to be 80 feet long.

So which do you think would win in a battle? Leave your comment below!

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