People: What is This Mysterious Viking Crystal?!

People: What is This Mysterious Viking Crystal?!

Awesome People: What is This Mysterious Viking Crystal?!

Medieval Vikings were a fierce and incredible people, with a wonderful and STILL widely known about belief system. Well even with all the research done they are still filled with mystery and surprise, take this crystal…What was this mysterious Viking crystal used for? Find out here on “All Things Human”
In the tenth century the Vikings made incredible voyages via sailboat to Greenland, this voyage was definitely treacherous and difficult for many reasons, one of the most difficult parts besides bitter cold and fast moving clouds would have been: Navigation. Doesn’t sound all that exciting, but imagine it’s the tenth century and you are sailing across the ocean from Norway to Greenland without a compass in thick fog during the twilight hours with no visible sun or stars. Quality navigation equipment really didn’t come around until the 16th century and Europe, so how the heck did the Vikings do it?
Researchers have developed a computer simulation that may have come up with the answer. It is believed that the Vikings used what is called a sunstone. The so-called sunstone was a device the could pinpoint the sun’s location in cloudy or foggy weather.
The user would simply hold up the solar stone to a cloudy sky and could see light being refracted from the sun giving the user the ability to navigate accurately. The supposed sunstone has been mentioned in Viking folklore and legends.
Archaeologists have stated that this almost mystical stone was likely something called Icelandic Spar, which is a mineral called calcite that has sort of a crystal like structure that simply polarizes light. In 2011 some experiments were done to determine how well these calcite crystals could find the direction of the sun, but then it was up to a computer simulation to figure out just how well this crystal could work to get our Nordic friends to frigid Greenland.
A computer simulated over 1000 voyages using the “solar stone accuracy records” and an insane 92 percent of the voyages arrived safely to the Greenland Coast.
These incredible findings are leading researchers to believe that Calcite may have actually been used by other civilizations. What I find personally interesting is that because the sunstones aren’t perfectly accurate it required the users to take frequent readings, and because of this it is theorized that some of the viking ships that veered south and ended up in North America could have possibly been due to improper use of the solar stones.
Unfortunately sun finding crystals have never actually been discovered with Viking remains, but they have with British warships, but between Viking folklore and really no other known instruments this must be the tool used by the Vikings.
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