People: Stunning Ancient Mask Archaeological Discoveries

People: Stunning Ancient Mask Archaeological Discoveries

Awesome People: Stunning Ancient Mask Archaeological Discoveries

From an Ivory Mask that will give you chills to a couple Egyptian Masks that will intrigue your curiosity here are 7 Unbelievable Masks Unearthed By Archaeologists

7. Mask of Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut, is one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs of all time. From what we know about him, King Tut lived a hard life. He was ill and likely had spinal deformities and a club foot. He became king of Egypt while he was still just a child and died before he ever reached his twentieth birthday. Found in 1922 and opened in 1923, King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings was packed with incredibly detailed, ornate artifacts, many of which shaped our mental image of what Egyptian life was like. Arguably the most famous piece of recovered ancient Egyptian life, King Tut’s death mask became the basis for every Hollywood mummy’s final resting place. Made entirely of gold and featuring inlaid patterns of colored glass and precious gemstones, the mask is an incredible piece of craftsmanship that melds together many attributes of the Egyptian god, Osiris and the facial features of King Tutankhamun. The mask was removed from the boy king’s body in December of 1925, after being viewed by human eyes for the first time in over three thousand years. It was transported to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where it still sits on display. This is NOT the only egyptian mask on this list today, we are just getting started, stick around to see more!

6. Mask of la Roche-Cotard:

When you think of Neanderthals, you probably imagine low IQ having, thick browed savages. Artisans would probably be one of the very last thoughts to cross your mind if asked to associate trades with cavemen. Found in 1975, the mask of la Roche-Cotard was made around 33,000 years ago, placing it at a time when cavemen walked the earth. Primitive and roughly made, the flint mask was carved with a human likeness and is, perhaps, the oldest mask ever created. Also known as the Mousterian Protofigurine due to having been created during the Mousterian period, the mask was recovered from the mouth of a cave called the la Roche-Cotard just off of the banks of the Loire River. Not much else is known about the mask, aside from many archaeologists believing that the Neanderthals likely created it for a practical purpose as opposed to an artistic one.

5. Benin Ivory Mask:

The Benin Empire ruled over present day Nigeria in the 16th century. The empire left behind countless stunning artifacts, one of the most incredible being a mask carved in the likeness of the Queen Mother Idia. Described as a great warrior who fought fearlessly alongside her son, the Oba of Benin, Esigie. The mask, carved of ivory, features a detailed carving of the Queen Mother’s face. A choker adorns her neck and inland fragments of iron show off the scarification work done to her forehead and face. Significantly, the choice of carving her likeness from ivory was not just an aesthetic decision. Ivory was an expensive, luxurious commodity in Africa and was chose due to it representing wealth, power, and purity. An incredible symbol for a truly incredible woman. The mask was looted from the last Oba’s bedroom when forces invaded the tribe and, after changing hands several times, the mask ended up under the care of Nelson Rockefeller, who placed it among the pieces in his Museum of Primitive Art in 1954. Other similar masks exist, placed in museums around the globe.

4. A Gold Plated Wonder
On July 14, 2018, archaeologists uncovered an incredible find while sifting through a recently uncovered ancient Egyptian burial ground. Among the various artifacts was an incredible gold plated silver mask depicting the face of the young man who’s mummy it adorned. The tomb complex in Saqqara, Egypt extended more than one hundred feet into the earth and contained dozens of different chambers. The mask was found in a smaller burial chamber and is roughly 2500 years old, dating somewhere between 664 BC and 404 BC. The eyes of the mask are inlaid with obsidian, calcite, and black gemstones which gives the mask an almost lifelike gaze. Historians are quite shocked at the find, as precious metal masks are quite rare. Typically, looters will remove the masks due to their high value and sell them as collectables on the black market. It is absolutely incredible that one was found intact and undisturbed. over 2000 years after its creation.

3. Alexander Peden’s Mask:

2. The False Face Society:

1. Ka-Nefer-Nefer

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