People: Secret Ancient AZTEC Archaeological Discoveries

People: Secret Ancient AZTEC Archaeological Discoveries

Awesome People: Secret Ancient AZTEC Archaeological Discoveries

From a discovery near a volcano of unknown ancient Aztec technology to unearthed mysterious death whistles. Here are 7 of the most amazing Ancient Aztec Archaeological discoveries.

7. An Ancient Ball Court
In early 2017, archaeologists made an absolutely mind boggling discovery just behind a colonial era Roman Catholic cathedral off of Zocalo square. On the grounds of a 1950s hotel, researchers uncovered an Aztec era ball court. Unlike modern sports, the games of the Aztec were important religious rituals. Somewhat similar to modern day racquetball but much more difficult and labor intensive, the Aztec’s ōllamalitzli often involved ritual sacrifice. Due to this, several dozen male vertebrae were discovered in a pile near the court. Goals and white stucco were discovered, matching up with the Spanish record of what an Aztec ball court looked like. It is believed the entire area was shaped like a coiled snake and included a nearby temple. It was likely built between 1486-1502 during the reign of Moctezuma’s predecessor, Ahuizotl’s reign.

6. A Tower of Skulls :
For quite some time, the fabled Huey Tzompantli was thought to be nothing more than a myth. Described as a massive rack of human skulls that was created to be over two hundred feet in diameter, it seemed that the monstrous relic was too gruesome to be real. In mid 2017, archaeologists who had begun the dig based on a tip that came in two years before uncovered the first of hundreds of skulls. On the edge of the Templo Mayor, an ancient temple dedicated to the god of war, sun, and human sacrifice, it seemed that once the first few skulls were discovered the number began to grow exponentially.Created to showcase Aztec power, the skulls likely came from defeated tribes and included men, women, and children. Tales of the great tower date back to the times of Hernando Cortes, when an accompanying researcher wrote of the altar of bones for the first time. So far, more than six hundred and fifty skulls have been uncovered with more being found by the day.

5. A Resistance:
When the Spanish came to try to overthrow the Aztec Empire, the Aztecs fought back with all they had. Cortes and his men laid siege to the empire in the hopes of forcing them to relent and peacefully be conquered. Though they fought, the Aztec did eventually fall and were forced to submit to Spanish occupation. Recent discoveries prove, though, that all hope was not lost. The Aztecs clung to their burial practices and religion despite being overrun by the invading Spanish. In searching through upper class dwellings, researchers found bodies buried with traditional funeral offerings. Altars were found within the homes, as well, along with bone fragments which suggests some sort on animal sacrifice. Figures were placed through the homes, including some depicting the Spanish men. It seems that despite being conquered, the aztec clung to their religion and found ways to carry on as best they could, showing an incredible dedication to their culture.
4. A Secret Tunnel:
In 2003, a massive landslide hit the site of the ancient Aztec empire, causing dig sites to fill with water and many areas to be covered in mud and debris. A team working near the Temple of the Plumed Serpent came to their site and were shocked to find a massive sinkhole. One archaeologist ventured into the hole via a rope tied around his waist and realized that they had, in fact, accidentally found some sort of tunnel that was sealed off. After painstakingly opening the tunnel, the team found countless artifacts including jewelry, art, cat bones, and even skin fragments. The realization quickly settled in that they had opened an area that Aztec commoners were not permitted in; they had found a religious site. The tunnel made its way from the temple to the Temple of the Sun. More areas within the tunnel have yet to be excavated but the findings so far have clarified quite a few mysteries about the empire’s daily life while also creating several new questions.
3. Interlocking Skeletons:
2. A Model of the Universe:
1. Death Whistles

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