People: Real Tech That Makes You SUPERHUMAN

People: Real Tech That Makes You SUPERHUMAN

Awesome People: Real Tech That Makes You SUPERHUMAN

We all want to be superheros, and technology is improving so fast that super-humans might not be a thing of science fiction. From super strength to invisibility, here is real tech that can make a person super!

12 Best Robots in The World:

The Future of Superhuman Bionic Vision:

5 Invisibility
If you’re a fan of comic books you’ve come across characters like the invisible woman of the fantastic four and thought “man that would be cool to be invisible whenever I want”. Well this is becoming more and more possible. Albeit you aren’t taking a super syrum to get this invisibility, so it is a bit more like harry potter’s invisibility cloak, but if you ask me, it’s just as cool.

4 X-Ray and Superhuman Vision
So All Things Human has another video about vision entitled “The Future of Super Human Bionic Vision” Which you should all check out, but in the video I discussed a scientist name Doctor Garth Webb who has designed an eye implant that gives the user essentially superhuman vision, without the use of glasses, check out the video in the description to learn more. But now I’m here to tell you about someone who developed a technology that could give you xray vision.

3 Super Strength
We’ve all seen ironman, and other than wanting to have Tony Stark’s outrageous amount of money, we would all love a cool exoskeleton like the ironman suit. But now the possibility of these super suits is becoming a reality. In the 12 Best Robots of The World, video on All Things Human, we mentioned the Ekso exoskeleton, and that has done wonders to get people with paralyzing spinal injuries walking, but what other exoskeleton technologies are out there?
This exoskeleton essentially gives the wearer superhuman strength

2 Immotality
Did you ever think you could see the year 2150, ok maybe with good healthy eating you could make it, but what about 2250 or even 2350?!

1 Super Brains
We’ve already discussed uploading a brain to an avatar, but what about uploading information to your brain as it is in order to learn new skills or information. We already have systems for increasing brain function in areas of the brain that may have been damaged, for example giving site to the blind, or the ability to hear for the deaf, but what about something that can add power to an already healthy brain, or build a new pathway to external devices, like a computer?

Thumbnail: Cyberdyne

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