People: PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Skydiving Edition)

People: PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Skydiving Edition)

Awesome People: PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Skydiving Edition)

This month’s People are Awesome compilation is a skydiving special featuring incredible footage of base jumps, paragliding, wingsuit flying, freeflying and formation jumping. Featuring incredible POV and GoPro footage experience the thrill of jumping from a plane, hot air balloon, bridge or hotel balcony!

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HUGE thanks to Yves Larock, LVNDSCAPE and Spinnin’ Records for the exclusive global premier of their phenomenal track “Rise Up 2k16”

Yves Larock:


Girls Edition:

Fitness Edition:


0.00 – Basejumping in Norway: Throwing Blake off a cliff

0.09 – Hot Air Balloon Gymnastics BASE Jump

0.17 – Sorrisos de alma

0.23 – Tallinn BASE Boogie 2015

0.25 – First BASE Jumping Gainer

0.27 – Guy BASE Jumps from Cliff into Canyon

0.31 – The French Slide – Viaduc de Millau

0.46 – Speedriding: One Flight A Week #8 Val d’isére Banane, SYD

0.52 – Skydiver Hops Out of Hot Air Balloon

1.04 – Riding a spaceship back to planet earth

1.16 – Crazy Wing Suit Stunt

1.20 – BASE Jumpers Flip Off TV Tower

1.26 – Man in Wingsuit Soars Through Sky


1.42 – Tallinn BASE Boogie 2015

1.45 – Building Swoop

1.53 – ABOVE THE GRAVITY – Extreme Aerobatic Flights Combo

2.00 – BEST CATCH EVER!!!~ RAGE the BASE Monkey!!!

2.26 – Skydive – Track + VR

2.33 – Trust Your Buddy #1

2.41 – Urban Flight – Wingsuit Flying Downtown

3.04 – Fly Away

3.08 – BASE Jumpers Take on Vegas

3.15 – Wingsuit fly.B.A.S.E.осетия 2014

3.18 – Balloon Jump with Dan 7/12/14

3.21 – Swing Mirage 5.5m Beach Swoop Hawaii

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