People: Mysterious Ancient Scroll Discoveries

People: Mysterious Ancient Scroll Discoveries

Awesome People: Mysterious Ancient Scroll Discoveries

From the thought to be lost dead sea scrolls to a mysterious and beautiful copper scrool here ar the most Mysterious and Incredible Ancient Scroll Discoveries

7. The Shepherd and the Scroll
While following a lost and wandering goat, three Bedouin shepherds uncovered one of the greatest literary finds of all time. Chasing their lost livestock, the three entered a cave around a mile from the dead sea and were shocked at what was inside. Buried in a clay jars, the trio found a series of seven scrolls and saw an opportunity to make a killing at market. The scrolls were sold to a man in Bethlehem who caught the attention of scholars, who sought out the cave. Inside they found over nine hundred and eighty one texts, all of which contained pieces of the Hebrew Bible and other religious texts. Dubbed the Qumran scrolls or dead sea scrolls, the texts are considered sacred within the Jewish religion. If it weren’t for a goat wandering from the herd in 1947, the texts very well may have never been found!

6. A 12th Cave

In the last six decades, there has been little to no progress on locating any more dead sea scrolls. Originally thought to have been hidden within a series of eleven caves, archaeologists uncovered what is believed to have been a twelfth storage chamber near the original eleven of the cave system in Qumran. Dating back to the time of Jesus, the scrolls are priceless and incredibly valuable to the Jewish community. Unfortunately, inside the twelfth chamber there were signs of burglary, as many of the clay pots used to house the scrolls were broken open with the scrolls removed. Though no pieces of paper were left, the chamber itself is an incredible find that opens the possibility that even more chambers may exist within the area, encouraging archaeologists to keep searching and to keep an eye on markets for any potential scrolls surfacing.

5. Follow the Smoke
A massive collection of primarily Buddhist texts, the findings within the Mogao Cave system in China is one of the largest of its kind in history. Found in Dunhuang, a city in the north of the western Chinese province of Gansu, the trove of texts contained over twenty thousand scrolls total. Ranging from manuscripts on Buddhist practices to taoist tales, the priceless cache of documents was found in an unbelievable, almost unrealistic way. One day, a man named Wang Yuanlu noticed his cigarette’s smoke was wafting towards the far wall of the shrine. Out of curiosity or boredom, he knocked on the wall and found it to be hollow and containing the massive collection of scrolls. Word got back to an archaeologist named Aurel Stein who happened to be in the area and, after much negotiation, Yuanlu was convinced to sell around half of the collection for 130 pounds. Other collectors scrambled to get their hands on texts from the collection until only a mere 20% remained, which was seized by the Beijing government to be saved.

4. A Copper Scroll
3. Of Precious Stones
2. Once Upon a Dream
1. To Timbuktu

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