People: MOST Mysterious Ancient Tablets EVER Discovered

People: MOST Mysterious Ancient Tablets EVER Discovered

Awesome People: MOST Mysterious Ancient Tablets EVER Discovered

From a tablet that may tell us about a great comet that struck the earth to the actual ten commandments! here are some of the the most unbelievable ancient tablets ever found!

10 – Ancient Prenup
An interesting insight into marriage in Assyrian culture with this recent finding.
This 4000 year-old tablet is considered to be a prenuptial agreement, mind you. Details about monogamy, fertility, witnesses and even terms of payment in case of divorce were addressed in the piece. In Assyrian culture, monogamy was much valued but even so, according to the tablet, the wife should allowed her husband do hire a female slave to act as a surrogate if, only if, the couple wasn’t able to conceive within two years of marriage. In their culture, the families are not to be left without a child, hence the agreement.
9 – First ‘payslip’ in history
One of the first fully functioning cities to emerge in Mesopotamia survived for more than 4000 years and now, experts believe to have found the reason behind this prosperous civilization: workers were paid in beer! Well, it may not look like it by looking at the tablet, but researchers with infinitely more experience than us are certain that this could be the first ‘payslip’ to ever be recorded. In this 5000 year-old tablet they can see food and drinks (I definitely can’t!) in what they believe is a form to record the payments given to each employee.
The discovery also shows the emergence of concepts such as employers and workers, meaning a dramatic change in the way humans worked, with people now being paid to perform their tasks.
So just to get this straight, was beer some kind of currency?
8 – Student’s Tablet
You can consider the YBC 7289 a student’s notebook if you like. This small hand tablet dated from 1800–1600 BCE is fascinating, mathematically speaking.
Just by looking at it you wouldn’t say that, right? Well, obviously, because we don’t know what it means!
But this primitive piece of history illustrates a geometric square with intersecting diagonals and most importantly, it indicates a numerical estimate of √2 correctly to six decimal places, in other words, they could solve the square root of 2 and come up with an estimate result of 1.414213! The mathematicians from the ancient world possessed such great computational accuracy in their calculations. I still have my doubts if it wasn’t Enki who brought a calculator from Nibiru for them (don’t worry, you will learn about Enki in a moment), how could you calculate the square root of 2 without one?!
7 – Oldest Customer Service Complaint
This complaint letter found at the city of Ur (present day southern Iraq) was written 3750 years ago and it reads: “…When you came, you said to me as follows: ‘I will give you fine quality copper ingots.’ You left them but you did not do what you promised me. You put ingots which were not good before my messenger and said: ‘If you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!…’”
This heated protest is believed to be the first service complaint ever recorded, you can see the man’s dissatisfaction regarding the service received.
The Mesopotamian society had knowledge of medicine, astronomy, and agriculture but apparently no matter where, when or how advanced you are, quality customer service is difficult to find and this ancient tablet is utter proof.
6 – Ancient Stone Tablet Reveals Comet Impact
If we already didn’t have such modern methods to study our past, our universe and things that happened thousands of years ago, we could very well rely on these ancient tablets to tell us the whole story, or at least, a part of it. This impressive discovery found in the world’s oldest known temple and translated by scientists, confirms that a comet struck Earth at around 11000 BC.
The event caused massive global destruction and possibly it was the responsible for the rise of new civilizations after the cooling event called Young Dryas. The carvings showed different animals corresponding to astronomical constellations and comet fragments as they hit Earth. Creepy headless men symbolizing human disaster could also be seen.
Spooky events aside, the fact that ancient people also liked to tell and illustrate their life events is very human, I guess.
5 – Life of Jews in Babylon
4- The Origin of our Species (Extraterrestrial Stuff)
3 – Babylonian tablet rewrites the history of Math
2 – Epic of Gilgamesh
1 – Ten Commandments

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