People: Coolest Most Environmentally Friendly Buildings in The World

People: Coolest Most Environmentally Friendly Buildings in The World

Awesome People: Coolest Most Environmentally Friendly Buildings in The World

With climate change on everyone’s mind eco friendly building is on the rise. From an office building wired to follow you around to supertrees here are the coolest most eco friendly buildings in the world!

8 Centre For Interactive Research on Sustainability
Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability is an absolute scientific marvel. Costing thirty seven million Canadian dollars, the center opened in 2011 after being built by architectural firm Perkins and Will. From the moment the CIRS was created, the designers had just one idea in mind: sustainable living. Even the clearing of the lot and preparations for building were done with restoration and regeneration in mind, working to make a positive environmental impact from the very start of the project. The developers created a lighting and water system that uses the absolute bare minimum resources; lights turn off if motion is not detected in most parts of the building and other areas are controlled by switches, for example. The building has been referred to as a “living laboratory” due to the use of plants and vegetation to help shade the building in the summer and retain heat during the cooler months, drastically cutting down on the need for air conditioner and heater usage. Solar panels line the building, as well, creating a surplus of energy each year. That’s right, the Centre For Interactive Research on Sustainability actually generates more energy than it can use in a year! Further eco friendly changes and additions are planned to come to the Centre in the coming years, with hopes to reduce its environmental impact even further.
7 Pixel
Here we have Australia’s first carbon neutral building, the Pixel building! Built in Melbourne in 2011, this is an office building I wouldn’t mind working in, sure it’s a bit funky looking, but it beats a boring old gray cube. The building is designed by Studio 505 and is completely self sustaining, it can collect all of its own water and generate all of its own energy. It has a green roof that grows tons of native plants and it even has a an anaerobic digester which converts human waste into heat!
6 The Crystal
The Crystal in London describes itself as, “the world’s largest exhibition on the future of cities, as well as one of the world’s most sustainable buildings and events venues”. Open since 2012, the Crystal was designed by award winning architects Wilkinson Eyre, who planned the outside of the building to look like the facets of a cut gem. The faceted outside creates a series of unique rooms inside, including office spaces, meeting and conference rooms, and an auditorium. The building is an all electric facility that utilizes solar panels and a heat pump in the ground to generate enough electricity to power the building. The state of the art building also collects and treats rainwater and features many automated building management functions. The sheer beauty alone of the building as it sits on London’s Royal Docks is enough to catch any passerby eye, which was exactly the intention of the creators, as it opens up countless educational opportunities. At its core, the Crystal is an excellent teaching tool.
5 French Diamond House

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well what about a diamond house? No not a house made of diamonds (cause that would be a bit pricey) but a house shaped like a diamond? In Strasbourg, France we find the sundial house, which is an appropriate name, as it is angled to face the sun in a way that allows it to be naturally warmed and cooled based on where the sun is during specific seasons. This house is considered to have a bio-climatic living space, but to add to it’s eco-friendly design it is also incredibly beautiful and comfortable to live in. With 3 floors, tons of natural light and an incredible open floor plan this is a house any nature lover or interior designer would enjoy calling home.
4 Pearl River Tower
3 The Green Building
2 The Edge
1 Gardens by the Bay

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