People: Archaeological Proof of Ancient Alien Sightings

People: Archaeological Proof of Ancient Alien Sightings

Awesome People: Archaeological Proof of Ancient Alien Sightings

From mysterious and precise ancient Japanese figures to Mayan artifacts that will make us question whether there is someone else out there here is proof of Ancient Alien Sightings

#9 Vimanas: Transportation of the Gods or Aliens?
Descriptions of vimanas can be commonly found in ancient Indian texts, such as the Mahabharata poem from 4000 BC. Vimanas were depicted as fascinating ‘flying machines’ that gods used as transportation. The fact that objects in the sky are so often mentioned in Sanskrit texts is proof that the ancient people definitely did witness something flying over their heads. These beings could have very easily been aliens that the ancient Indians assumed to be gods. These sightings took place thousands of years before anyone seriously considered the possibility of traveling in the air. This explains why the Indians were so convinced that these creatures were gods. To them, gods were the only beings capable of flying and with a good reason to do so. However, the descriptions of these ‘sun chariots’ are accurate descriptions of flying saucers that are believed to have been used by extraterrestrials. The Mahabharata describes these ‘chariots’ as very advanced machines: speedy crafts that use fire and water and contains a wheel and numerous instruments and machines. Other types of vimanas were thought to resemble bright clouds.
#8 10 000-Year-Old Alien Sighting
10 thousand years ago, when human civilizations were just developing, aliens may have already been paying us visits. Ancient depictions of aliens and UFOS were found on rock walls in India. Despite dating back nearly 10 thousand years, the aliens drawn are similar to how they are depicted in modern movies. Of course, humans are creative beings, as a researcher pointed out, and someone could have just imagined these shapes and drawn them on the rock, but that would be a very unlikely coincidence. Instead, NASA is continuing investigations in order to attempt to determine what caused the ancient humans to depict such objects in their artwork. While archaeologists are uncertain what the drawings were meant to be of, what is certain is the fact that they very closely resemble astronauts. The figures are depicted holding objects that appear to be weapons and some drawings show them wearing space suits.
#7 Japanese Dogu Figurines
The Jomon Period was a Neolithic era in modern day Japan and at the time the region had a much higher population density, compared to other pre-agricultural society. This was also a time when the Dogu figurines were created. These were clay objects of various sizes and were meant to be something between an animal and a human. Dogu figurines were produced in Japan for thousands of years and have recently gotten a large amount of attention from scientists. It is still unclear to researchers what the Dogus’ function was. In addition, they look like aliens, and this is also how the Dogu are represented in the Dokioki video game. The Dogu resemble modern representations of aliens, so it is possible that the ancient inhabitants of Japan witnessed something in the sky that gave them an idea for the figurines. As for what the Dogu were used for, experts believe that they may have had various functions. Many of the Dogu were found broken, so it is assumed that they were everyday objects, perhaps even kids’ toys. Others were more important to the Japanese and have been found near burial pits.
#6 Electric Light in Ancient Egypt?
While no physical evidence of the existence of light bulbs in Egypt has been found, they have been depicted in drawings. Experts studying Ancient Egypt have found not one, but several drawings depicting objects that resemble light bulbs. The electric lightbulb was only invented in the 1800’s and the Ancient Egyptians didn’t have access to such advanced technology, so how did they do it? It could be that something or someone from above provided the Egyptians with this knowledge. Ancient Egyptians used snakes to represent wisdom and god-like knowledge. There is a snake outline in each ancient light bulb depiction, so this could have been how the Egyptians depicted the source of this new technology. What this proves is that the Egyptians had an extraterrestrial visitor that shared knowledge and perhaps even technology with them. Then they used their newly acquired skills in their daytoday lives and and depicted the source of this knowledge in their artwork.
#5 Helicopter Sighting in Ancient Egypt
The first design for a machine that could be considered similar to a modern helicopter was created by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1480s. Or maybe that wasn’t really the case? Recent discoveries have left us wondering whether or not Ancient Egyptians were the ones responsible for coming up with the idea of a helicopter.
#4 Phaistos Disk: an Ancient Message
#3 Ancient Astronaut Egg
#2 The Lolladoff Plate
#1 Mayan Artifacts With Alien Faces

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