Interesting Facts: 5 Unbelievable Act Of Kindness Done By Bosses

Interesting Facts: 5 Unbelievable Act Of Kindness Done By Bosses

Awesome Facts: 5 Unbelievable Act Of Kindness Done By Bosses

5 Unbelievable Act Of Kindness Done By Bosses
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Sometimes it seems that the world is not as kind as it should be. This is an inescapable fact of life as we know it. There are millions of people who do not get what they deserve, and tens of thousands who get more than they should. Some acts of kindness are small and sustained, while others are utterly life-changing, but in every case, they are admirable, necessary, and heartwarming. Check out these 5 Unbelievable acts of kindness.

Feeding The Homeless, One Slice At A Time;
At 27 years old, Mason Wartman was a success on Wall Street. He had the kind of life that most people dream of having, but for him, it just wasn’t enough. There was something missing in his life, and money wasn’t the answer. He wanted to work for himself, and so he moved back to Philadelphia and opened a $1 pizza shop in 2013 named after his mother; Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Rewarding Loyalty, Investing In Talent
Marcus Lemonis is a self-made millionaire who is most famous for his show “The Profit,” in which he invests in struggling businesses to turn them around. It’s safe to say that he makes a difference to many people on a regular basis because his knowledge and experience are invaluable!

Spreading Profits, And Sharing Wealth
Co-founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, has done what most people in his position would deem insane. In April 2015, he slashed his salary as CEO from around $1 million to just $70,000 per year.
Why did he do this? So that he could give every single one of Gravity Payments’ 120 employees a raise! Every single person working for this company now earns the same amount; $70,000… that’s a minimum wage of $34 per hour.

Going Above And Beyond
There are many wonderful people in the world. But even the kindest of souls and most philanthropic of bosses wouldn’t think to do what Michael De Beyer proposed to do in 2014. The owner of Kaiserhof Restaurant in Montgomery, Texas, was distraught when he found out that a 19-year-old employee, a member of a family with whom he was very friendly, had a brain tumor in dire need of medical attention.

Giving While Living
If there is a single person more deserving of recognition, and less willing to have it, than Chuck Feeney, we simply do not know who it is. This secretive, altruistic, and kind man has set his mind to one goal; giving away his entire fortune, around $7 Million Dollars to worthy causes, and, furthermore, to do it as quietly as possible.
By and large, he has succeeded!

So, as you can see, kindness is alive and well in the world and it comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether it’s a successful man giving up a high-flying life in order to put hot food in the mouths of the homeless and hungry people around them, a CEO leveling the playing field and setting a good example, or a millionaire quietly giving away their entire fortune to causes and charities which desperately need help, you will see kindness in the world if you look hard enough.

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