Interesting Facts: 10 REAL HIDDEN Treasures You Could Still Find

Interesting Facts: 10 REAL HIDDEN Treasures You Could Still Find

Awesome Facts: 10 REAL HIDDEN Treasures You Could Still Find

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10 REAL Hidden Treasures You Could Still Find
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Throughout history, there have been treasures hidden or lost all over the world. Sometimes a treasure is lost at sea, or somewhere long ago in a forest, or deep in the jungle waiting for a brave explorer to try and find them. Join us as we do a little treasure hunting and discover 10 Hidden or Lost Treasures Waiting to Be Found.

1. Lost City of Gold: Possibly one of the most famous stories about Inca mythology is a city called Paititi, or the ‘Lost City of Gold’. This immense city would be buried somewhere in the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest, deep in the jungle, and would have been the last Incan refuge following the Spanish Conquest.

2. It is not just the city that holds untold lost treasures of sparkling gold, Lake Guatavita could contain up to $300 million in gold treasures and precious stones lying at the bottom all due to a ritual. Legendary tales of the Muisca tribe talk about this ritual that was performed when it was time to appoint a new king, they would be brought to Lake Guatavita.

3. Somewhere out there at the bottom of the sea lies $2.6 billion dollars’ worth of treasure along with the remains of the ship that was smashed to bits after hitting a reef in a deadly storm. The Flor de la Mar was a Portuguese battleship in 1511 and was involved in capturing a wealthy city called Malacca.

5. Our next lost treasure takes us to South Africa where in 1890 during the Second Anglo-Boer War. The Boers, who were the South African descendants of the Dutch settlers, knew that their capital of Pretoria was going to be captured by British troops. So they quickly commandeered as much gold as they could from the banks and reserves, and even collected gold from the mines.

6. There are many tales of pirate’s treasure buried in different locations around the world, and small islands are the most likely places for pirates to hide their loot. Oak Island is one of those places. Legends say that a member of Captain Kidd’s crew buried loot worth up to $3 million dollars on the island.

7. You don’t have to be a pirate to feel the lure of hunting for buried treasure. The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is a story that has been around a long time and is the most famous lost mine in American history.

8. Montezuma’s Treasure – In 1519, the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortés arrived on the outskirts of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the mighty Aztec Empire. Montezuma offered lots of gold to Cortés and his men, who were seen as ‘Gods’, hoping that they would be satisfied and go away.

9. There is a story of a man named Doc Noss who in 1937 was on a deer hunting trip in the Southern Rocky Mountains. During his trip, he came across a dark mine shaft that had skeletons, historical items, jewels and 16,000 bars of gold.

10. In early March 1863, a Confederate ranger by the name of Colonel John Singleton Mosby along with his band of raiders surprised more than 40 Union troops at the Fairfax Courthouse, and without firing a single shot, Mosby took a burlap sack that was stuffed with $350,000 in gold, silver, jewelry, candlesticks, and many other treasures from wealthy Virginia planters.

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