Interesting Facts: 10 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Interesting Facts: 10 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Awesome Facts: 10 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

10 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
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The majority of people you know probably look pretty normal, and we all have that something unique about us that makes us different from each other, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

There are however some people who are incredibly unique and look so bizarre that you might not believe they are real. From things people are born with to some things people do to themselves either purposely or by accident, join us as we take a look at 10 Insanely Unbelievable People That Really Exist!

10. Sadhu Amar Bharati – This is the true story of an Indian man who has kept his right arm raised for 43 years. It is unimaginable that anyone could keep their arm raised in the air for such a long time, but this is exactly what Sadhu Amar has done while devoting himself to the god Shiva. His devoted worship has garnered him much attention from around the world.

9. Dmitry Khaladzhi is a Ukrainian sportsman and a Master of Sport in the international class. In 2009 he became a champion in the 1st championship of the Ukrainian Federation of Powerlifting. He holds an unbelievable sixty-three Guinness Book of Records and in 2004 was named the strongest man on the planet. At the age of 9, Dmitry was at a performance of a famous athlete by the name of Yuri Artemov.

8. Karen Overhill – not her real name, was 29 years old when she visited a psychiatrist in Chicago where she lived. She complained that she was losing time and couldn’t remember big parts of her days. At first, doctors thought she was suffering from depression and she was also suffering chronic pain from having a c-section giving birth to her daughter.

7. Eskil Ronningsbakken – This extreme artist is from Norway does balancing acts all over the world. As a young boy, he was always energetic and practiced balancing each chance he got.

6. Hiroo Onoda – was an Imperial Japanese Army officer who remained at his jungle post on an island in the Philippines for 29 years, refusing to believe that World War II was over. Caught in a time warp, Mr. Onoda, a second lieutenant, was one of the war’s last holdouts: a soldier who believed that the emperor was a deity and the war was a sacred mission;

5. Amou Haji – this one is a real stinker, pardon the pun. Amou Haji is an Iranian that is known as the world’s dirtiest man and has not showered or cleaned himself for over 60 years. He lives in isolation in Dejgah village, in the Southern Iranian province of Fars.

4. Lu Hao – For a time, a Chinese youngster named Lu Hao was one of the most photographed children in the world, because he was billed as the fattest boy in the world. In March of 2011, he was 3 years old and weighed 132 pounds, the equivalent of 5 normal-weight children his age.

3. Liu Ch’ung- “Pupula Duplex” is said to be a rare condition in which a person has two irises and two pupils in one eye. But is this condition real or simply a myth? Liu Ch’ung is a man often cited as an example of a person with pupula duplex.

2. The Man with the Biggest Mouth in the World – would be none other than 29-year-old Francisco Domingo Joaquim also known as the Angolan Jaw of Awe. Francisco participated in the Italian competition known as “Big Mouth”, where contestants literally put their jaws to the test.

1. Paul Karason had an incredibly rare condition where his skin turned blue after self-medicating for a skin condition. Karason shot to Internet fame several years ago for the blue color of his skin, which was a side effect using a silver compound for more than a decade to treat a bad case of dermatitis on his face.

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