Interesting Facts: 10 Mysterious Things Found in Backyards

Interesting Facts: 10 Mysterious Things Found in Backyards

Awesome Facts: 10 Mysterious Things Found in Backyards

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10 Mysterious Things Found in Backyards
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Many people know what’s in their backyard if they’ve owned the property for a long time, well many do. People don’t usually move into a home with digging up the backyard being one of the first to-do things on their list. However, for whatever reasons, sometimes you’ve just got to dig a hole or find out what’s back there.

You might be surprised by the things that some of these people found. Check out these 10 Mysterious Things Found in Backyards.

10. 650-year-old treasure – A contractor from Wiener Neustadt, a city located south of Vienna, found out how cool it would be to find a treasure while expanding a garden pool in his backyard. The 650-year-old treasure included heavily decorated belt buckles, brooches, and rings.

9. WWII bombs – So many bombs were dropped during WWII in Europe that it’s no surprise to find a bomb laying in your backyard. There are thousands of so-called unexploded ordnance dating back to the Second World War dotted across Britain.

8. Ancient stone – Amateur historian Stephen Davis of England decided to look at the history of his own home, probably for a little practice to see what he could find. In the history of the house was a reference of an ancient stone that possibly marked a burial plot from the Bronze Age which dates back to 2500 B.C.

7. Saddle Ridge Hoard– You never know what you’re going to find and surely there are still small treasures like this next one. A couple were walking their dogs on their property in the Gold Country and noticed some decaying metal canister barely poking out of the ground. Using a small stick, they dug out the canister and took it home to open it up.

6. Whale fossil – California seems like the kind of place where you can find anything. For example, a fossil from a Baleen whale that is 16-17 million years old has been sitting in the backyard of a California resident – Gary Johnson for 35 years since it was discovered.

5. 1700’s Cemetery – A guy named Vincent Marcello decided he wanted a swimming pool in his backyard in the historic French Quarter in New Orleans. He had no idea that he was about to find the long lost historic St. Peter Cemetery.

4. 150,000 in cash – It’s hard to know if this is a real story, or some ghost story, but in 2011 an unemployed man named Wayne Sabaj was picking some Broccoli in his garden when he found a nylon bag that had $150,000 stashed inside of it.

3. Wedding ring on carrot – This next treasure isn’t really mysterious, but it’s a great lost and found story. A woman from Sweden who lost her wedding ring in while doing some stuff in her garden was surprised to find it 16 years later.

2. Large Gold Nugget – Gold is one of the most precious metal on the Earth. Just one ounce of gold is currently worth about $1400 dollars. A man from Nevada County, California was walking across his property when he saw a gigantic piece of smooth gold sitting in the ground.

1. Ferrari – Probably not as much explored these days in the digital age is fun of playing in the dirt or digging in the mud like we used to do back in the old days. Back in 1978 in Lennox California, some kids were having some fun digging in the mud in their backyard when they found something big, something metal.

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