Interesting Facts: 10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

Interesting Facts: 10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

Awesome Facts: 10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives
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The concept of being able to remember a past life, or even knowing of past lives, is something that is different in many cultures. However, what we cannot deny is that there are people who claim to remember their past lives, and they can be scarily accurate in many cases! Most of the people who remember past lives without regression therapy are children or adults who remember the details as children and slowly forget these memories over time. For some people, however, the memories stick and have lasting effects on their new lives.
Check out these stories of 10 children who remembered their past lives in frighteningly accurate ways that will make you a believer!

Hanan Monsur and Suzanne Ghanem
The tale of Hanan Monsur and Suzanne Ghanem is a strange and wonderful one that will make even the staunchest of non-believers think about the afterlife. Hanan Monsur was born in Lebanon in the 1930’s and had two children, Leila and Galareh, by her husband Farouk.

Rashid Khaddege and Daniel Jurdi
On a sunshine-drenched day in 1968, a mechanic named Rashid Khaddege went on a road trip to Military Beach in Beirut with his friend, Ibrahim. Rashid lost control of the car and, unfortunately, both men did not survive the crash.

Anne Frank and Barbro Karlen
The story of Anne Frank is one that we all know, but what most people don’t realize is that there is another hidden part of this story.
As we all know, Anne Frank tragically passed away in 1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. What most people do not know is that, nine years later, a girl named Barbro Karlen was born, and as soon as she could speak, she started to claim that her parents were not her real parents.

Kendra Carter
The case of Kendra Carter stands out as being particularly creepy, however. Kendra Carter was just four years old when her mother took her to swimming practice for the first time. That is where she met her coach, who she claimed had been her mother in a past life.

Her “Other” Mother’s Name Was Sally
Some stories of young children remembering their past lives are heartbreaking, especially when you consider the fact that they would cause their parents real pain through some of their claims.
In one case found online, a 23-year-old mother had reported that her four-year-old daughter kept talking about her “other” mother.

Remembers Details About the Titanic
To remember the details of one’s past life in adulthood is a rare thing, but it can often be very distressing for the people who experience it. Take the confession of one woman, who chose not to name herself, wherein she speaks of waking up at age 12 to the distinct feeling of a being on a rocking ship. She felt claustrophobic and nauseous but tried to ignore it. When she returned from school that day, she watched a documentary about the Titanic.

Children are master story-tellers, and sometimes it can be hard to tell where their stories end and truth begins.
While with his grandmother, Elijah suddenly proclaimed, “I passed away in this house” Then he rubbed his eyes with his fists as if crying, but despite his grandmother’s attempts to get him to elaborate, he said nothing further and clearly wanted to move on.

Kindergartner Struggles with Learning Alphabet
We all readily accept the fact that knowledge must be learned, and yet when children show signs of extraordinary knowledge, we start making excuses as to how they may have gained it. Sometimes, however, we just have to accept that the knowledge has been inherited from a past version of themselves.

A Scottish Pub Crawl
One man gives his own confession in a strange, but more whimsical way; he speaks of being around about four years of age on a trip through Scotland with his parents. He had never been to the country before, and so when they stopped a pub in a small, Cairngorm village and he declared, “Oh, my favorite place!” his parents were understandably confused.

Sinking Feeling
Children who remember their past lives can sometimes remember strange and wonderful things. In some cases, however, it’s less clear-cut and less cheerful.
One mother recalls the moment when her four-year-old daughter claimed to remember drowning.

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