Interesting Facts: 10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera

Interesting Facts: 10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera

Awesome Facts: 10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera

10 Moments That Will Make You Hate the World a Little Less


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How many times do you see person that helps someone? For the past 20 years humanity has become more aggressive, violent, passive. But there are people who destroyed this myth and I will show you only 10 of these people.



In the first case we see one subway rider had the good heart to go up to a homeless man sitting on the other side of the car and give him the shirt off his back after seeing he was shirtless.

Imagine one day you have to swim to go to work. This teacher in Malappuram has been doing exactly that for the last 20 years.

A penniless woman has spent four months living in her car in an Asda car park because she won’t give up her beloved dogs. Hillary Barrows, 57, returned to Kent in January after eight years living and working as an English teacher across Europe.

Japanese Train Stops at Remote Station Twice a Day For Only One Passenger. Kana Harada is the only person to board the special train at 7:04 am and return in the evening at 5:08 pm This is one of those stories that will fill your heart with joy and leave you smiling.


A young male lion caught in a snare which slowly tightened around his neck as he grew older has been saved after a rescue operation was launched. The lion was first spotted trapped in the snare in Mikumi National park in Tanzania back in 2009 but several attempts to rescue him failed.

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