People: 10 Secretly Hidden Artworks DISCOVERED

People: 10 Secretly Hidden Artworks DISCOVERED

Awesome People: 10 Secretly Hidden Artworks DISCOVERED

From the oldest known piece of art made by a human, to a painting that needs and x-ray to be seen or how about the last davinci painting that went missing for over 200 years?! Here are 10 Incredible Secret Artworks that have been discovered.

10- Mary Magdalene by Da Vinci
Pay attention to your surroundings, any piece of art in sight? Although it’s highly unlikely, you could have a long lost artwork among your possessions, could you? But for some luckier folks like Fiona McLaren this is what happened in a farmhouse in Scotland, 2012. After decades in the family, Fiona decided to appraise a painting on the wall in order to get some extra cash, only to discover that the painting was in fact a 500-year old piece by the notorious painter Leonardo da Vinci, and it could be worth up to $150 million! Not bad for an extra cash, huh? Next time you go to a flea market, keep your eyes peeled! Stick around until the end, I still have some hidden da vinci painting for you!
9- Nazi Stolen Artwork
One uncommonly talked about piece of world war two history is that the Nazis were responsible for the biggest art theft in history during the war: approximately 650,000 works were stolen from Europe, and for a long time, these works’s whereabouts remained unknown.
In 2011 however, a man led the police to his apartment only to find that between his possessions in that dirty and messy flat were Picassos, Matisses, Chagalls, Klees and Munchs simply piled on top of each other.
The police confiscated around 1500 works worth up to €1bn from the apartment!
The art in this case were ‘found’ by the police, and it WAS ‘hidden’, but in plain sight in an apartment in the center of the bustling city Munich.
It was common knowledge that Gurlitt (the flat’s owner) possessed looted goods, but it was not until an incident on the train that a judge issued a warrant allowing the police to search his place and find the hidden gems.
8- Long lost Rembrandt
The Unconscious Patient
This piece of art painted by Rembrandt
7- The Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci
A masterpiece by Da Vinci hidden behind a painting by Giorgio Vasari was discovered in 2012 in a Town Hall in Florence.
Art historians say they have proof that the lost painting entitled The Battle of Anghiari is indeed hidden behind another artwork, and it has been hidden there for five centuries! The researchers drilled a cavity in the wall to retrieve samples of paint. This is meticulous work and technology can help a great deal. A sample of black material removed from the back wall was analyzed and compared to the pigment found in other paintings such as the Mona Lisa and St John the Baptist, and guess what? It matched! It only makes me wonder why someone would ever paint over a masterpice by Da Vinci, what are they, crazy?
6- Sunset-at-Montmajour
Another story of a masterpiece hidden in the attic. This newly discovered painting by Vincent Van Gogh was created during the artist’s most prodigious period, hence its importance. Behind this finding, an interesting and confusing story:
5- Paleolithic-era Cave
4- Oldest Ever Artwork Found
Now let’s move on a little further back in time, we are talking about 540 thousand years ago. This shell is believed to be the oldest piece of art in existence. The ancient work could be the oldest known geometric carving made by a human ancestor.
This finding made by researchers in Indonesia shows us that our ancestors might be smarter than previously thought. They used stones as tools, and this discovery indicates that shells were also used with this purpose. The engraving on the shell is the most amazing part but unfortunately, “we can only present the facts” said the researcher Josephine Joordens, of Leiden University, “because we cannot say what went on inside the head of Homo erectus at that time”.
Homo Erectus’ behaviour has been a mystery for a long time, and this finding only makes it more intriguing!
3- Michelangelo Chambers Sketches
It is not everyday that you stumble in a Renaissance treasure, is it? This happened in 1975 when Paolo Dal Poggetto, then director of the Medici Chapels museum in Florence, was looking for a new way for tourists to exit the chambers. The director and his colleagues found a trapdoor behind a wardrobe near the New Sacristy and below the trapdoor, stone steps led to a small room filled with coal, nothing major so far.
2- The Hidden Portrait
1- Salvator Mundi

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